Why hire a professional Photographer? By VMAstudios

Why hire a professional Photographer? By VMAstudios
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1.Why hire a professional vendor?
Because we do not shoot with cell phones, as a Professional I have invested time in learning the fundamentals of photography, specialized equipment, creating moments, and best of all, I make people smile for a living. A professional is just that, someone who can handle all situations and produce a final product you want.

2.What inspires you in your field of expertise?
My motivation comes from my children. Yes my children, I realize that everyday they are not the same, I realize that days seem to melt away. Even thou big moments get locked away in memory it’s the little moments that seems to escape us. The days that I photograph or videotape my children are moments that are forever captured. They are forever remembered and the stories are as vivid as the moment it happened. That is what motivates me. To do that for you. To capture your moment so you can share it with the family that is yet to be here and for the ones who could not be here, and for you to always remember.

3.How did you get started with your business?
Hobby turned into passion and then turned into a love. I started photographing my children, then other children from my daughter’s school, and before I knew it, I was quitting my full time job to work for myself. A love affair I could not stay away from.

4.What is the most challenging and rewarding part about your job?
Most challenging part is getting my clients to understand what goes into photography. The time with the clients, the prep work, the post work., Getting clients to see the true value of a professional.

The rewarding part, oh delivery day! When the client sees the photos for the first time. From mom and dad, bride and groom, the moment it hits, The moment you know you made the right decision. To know these memories are who and what our family, this is our moment, These are great and the tears start to roll.

5.What does a typical day at work consist of?
No so such thing as a typical event. All events have their own personality, their own challenges, and their own rewards. On the day of the event, it starts out with making sure all of my equipment is prepped for the day. Office work and paper work is done and ready for the day. I generally get to my events an hour before. If I have not scouted out the venue I will arrive 2 hours early. Set up, meet my clients and allow the magic to begin.

6.What makes you successful and stand out from the rest?
I work hard at making sure my clients come first. I am humbled always with complements and with my craft. I believe my background in customer service management has given me an advantage in understanding and compassion towards my clients wants and needs. Providing a higher quality product and service than expected is what I push for.

7.What was the most memorable event you shot?
I have to say my very first event for Boca’s Boating and Beach Bash for people with disabilities. It was my companies’ first event and we have gone back every year to support this amazing event. There’s always a few events that stand out, what really makes them pop in my memories are the people and the connections we have made from mitzvah families to companies even grandmas of the bride and grooms..

8.What has been your biggest accomplishment within your company?
So far it would be getting first place for best event photography with South Florida Festivals and event for our work with the City of Delray Beach. It was such an honor to have had that moment.

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