Why hire a Professional Entertainment & Lighting Company ? By Tim Altbaum Productions

Why hire a Professional Entertainment & Lighting Company ? By Tim Altbaum Productions
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1.Why hire a professional vendor?
A professional company will take care of all the details and keep the client at ease and stress free! At TAP, we work closely with our clients to make sure they get exactly what they have envisioned for their event. We believe it is a worthwhile investment for a professional vendor to ensure smooth planning and an amazing experience!

2.How did you get started with your business?
TAP was started in 1998 as a 1 man DJ company working mitzvahs, weddings, and events. Within three years of being in business it had grown to a multiple DJ company with over 150 events per year. It didn’t take much longer to evolve into a full-scale production business producing and providing entertainment for close to 500 events per year.

3.What inspires you in your field of expertise?
As a company we are constantly innovating and reinventing ourselves; that is an essential part of bringing new experiences to each and every one of our clients. It’s really our clients which inspire us to bring their vision to reality, and take all the moving parts of an event, and through hard work and plenty of preparation, creating an amazing experience and a happy client!

4.What is the most challenging and rewarding part about your job?
Every event can be a challenge because we are satisfying a different client each time! Where we spend the most time and energy is in guaranteeing each event is better than the last, which in and of itself is the most rewarding. Seeing a smile on our client’s and their guest’s faces is why we do what we do.

5.What does a typical day at work consist of?
In this business our work week is seven days! A day in the office starts at 8:30am, responding to emails, communicating with current clients, contacting the venues and vendors we partner with for our upcoming events, etc. If we are not in the midst of an event setup and execution, we are spending countless hours meeting and speaking with clients, and educating them on what TAP offers. We are determining event logistics, designing layouts, creating storyboards, etc. Researching the latest technology and expanding our inventory to accommodate our clients is always on the agenda. After leaving the office around 5pm, the typical office work day ends around 8pm because a lot of clients call after regular business hours, when they are off work J. A typical event work day does not exist! Some event days are 6 hours in length, some are 18 hours in length, just depends upon what’s on the calendar that day.

6.What makes you successful and stand out from the rest?
Our DJ’s all have over 10 years’ experience working in events with a proven track record for success. TAP offers the latest technology available in audio and visual equipment allowing us to custom design an event personally tailored to each client. We have the ability to entertain guests not only with music but with next level interactive fun!

7.What was the most memorable event that you have done?
It would have to be an “American Idol” themed event we produced for 3000 guests in a hangar where everything from power to lighting and entertainment had to be brought in. Almost a million dollars in audio/visual equipment was used and over 30 people were required for the setup, breakdown, and execution of just those elements.

8.What has been your biggest accomplishment within your company?
Share an accomplishment you are most proud of. (ex. reward, membership, organization, etc.) We really can’t sum up our successes into one “biggest accomplishment”, just the fact that we are thriving and have thrived for sixteen years is a testament to the time and effort we put into our careers. In this industry the lines between work and personal lives are blurred, so keeping our clients happy, while maintaining a healthy balance between work and play is how we measure our success.

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