Why hire a professional DJ? By: San Diego Mitzvahs

Why hire a professional DJ? By: San Diego Mitzvahs
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1. Why hire a professional vendor?
When you hire the right professional for your event, you get a first-class, worry-free experience, which allows you to enjoy your special event and ensure that your guests enjoy it as well.

2. How did you get started with your business?
J. Soul Productions and San Diego Mitzvahs started when 2 veteran DJ’s decided that San Diego needed a company that wouldn’t over promise and under deliver. The founders had both worked for companies that charged premium prices, but used sub-par equipment or, sometime, even sent out broken equipment on events. J. Soul Productions and San Diego Mitzvahs have always provided the ultimate in service, quality, and entertainment at fair prices.

3. What inspires you in your field of expertise?
Our inspiration is the love of music and entertaining clients. We’re not just DJ’s hitting a play button; in our spare time, we create our own music, produce music, and mix music. Additionally, the smile on the face of our clients is what keeps us coming back for more.

4. What is the most challenging and rewarding part about your job?
The most challenging part of being a good DJ is ensuring that everyone at the party has a good time. Choosing the right music to make sure that the kids are dancing, but the adults join into the fun, is a carefully honed skill that takes a lot of practice. But, when everyone from the B’nai Mitzvah to their great-grandparent comes up to us at the end of the event to thank us for the amazing time, the reward becomes real and the event was a success.

5. What does a typical day at work consist of?
We spend the majority of days consulting with clients for upcoming events, responding to clients that have last minute questions, and making sure our music library is ready to go for each weekend’s events.

6. What makes you successful and stand out from the rest?
Primarily; our energy. DJ’s that just stand behind the booth are a dime a dozen, and frankly, boring. We spend the vast majority of the event out on the dance floor, with the guests, making sure everyone has a great time and feels included in the festivities.

7. What was the most memorable event that you have done?
Every event is memorable for their own reasons. We are not a “dj mill” that does 500 events per year. We take the time to become extremely close to every one of our clients and ensure that they become part of the San Diego Mitzvahs family; that makes every single event memorable.

8. What has been your biggest accomplishment within your company? Share an accomplishment you are most proud of.
Our biggest accomplishment has been the rate at which clients have recommended us to their family and friends. It is the ultimate validation of a job well done. Combine that with the number of people who have seen us at someone else’s event and then call us when their special day comes up; we’re proud of our accomplishments. As the saying goes, the biggest compliment that you can give us is a referral to a family member.

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