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We are a full service catering & @ home meal delivery service specializing in Traditional Jewish Cuisine & Traditional Cuisine with a twist.

With every dish we make, we strive to not only to strictly adhere to the letter of Kashrut, but to embrace the heart of what Kosher means as well. To that end, All of our production is done in partnership with and under the strict supervision of the Rabbinical Council of California. Our dishes are made with the freshest, most beautiful organic, natural and whole foods that we can find. And we work hard to source as much of our ingredients as locally as we can, as well as make sure that the foods we use are sustainably grown and as ethically produced as possible. And while it is our passion, our mission is not just about producing beautiful, innovative Kosher dishes but about supporting our local Jewish community and local agriculture in everything we do.

A percentage of all of our profits go back into the community to support local farmers and Jewish agriculture. We also offer a dollar matching program to all of our home meal delivery clientele to help provide a housebound observant person with shabbat meals.

All of our Dairy Products are made with Cholov Yisroel.

Vegetarian & Vegan (Dairy & Pareve!) options available now, with a Fleishik department coming soon!