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Cookie Casa Bakery is a home-style, make-to-order bakery specializing in cookies, cupcakes, layer-cakes and bars. Owner Erin Zabel grew up in a family of avid bakers and was later inspired to open up her own place. After several years working in event management, she quit her job and began developing a menu that highlighted delicious, comforting treats…some original family recipes and others that simply reminded her of her childhood.

Coming up with the name Cookie Casa Bakery was easy. The first item offered when Erin got the company started in 2002 was an old-fashioned chewy chocolate chip cookie. Later that year, Erin decided to include rosco cookies on the holiday menu (a December specialty ever since). The rosco is a tender flaky cookie laced with anise and sherry, then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Erin learned how to make them from her grandfather, Fernando, the main taste-tester in the family. His mother, Mama Herrero, born in Spain, brought the recipe to America with her when she emigrated here in the early 1900s. So, the name Cookie Casa Bakery combines the classic sweet that kicked off this successful company along with Mama Herrero’s (and Erin’s) family heritage.

While cookies were the initial focus of the company, the range of goods has broadened to a wide array of scrumptious sweets. Cookie Casa Bakery has grown hugely popular amongst Angelenos, while also shipping to devoted fans all over the country. Our cookies, cupcakes and cakes appeal to a wide audience…from celebrities to soccer moms.

While we’ve grown, we’ve always maintained our commitment to delectable, mouthwatering sweets that remind you of the best home-baked goods around. And we never lose sight of our inspiration and our first priority – to make sure that Mama Herrero would be proud.