Chabad House at UCLA

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Welcome to Chabad House at UCLA – serving the Jewish students and faculty of UCLA for almost 40 years!

What is Chabad House at UCLA? It is a home-away-from home for thousands of Jewish students at the University of California, Los Angeles. Chabad anticipates and serves the needs of students on a social, educational and spiritual level. At Chabad, all students are welcome, regardless of background, affiliation, and level of observance.Chabad House.jpg

Leadership: At our affiliated student groups, students are invited to take leadership roles in their campus community, helping to foster the creation of the next generation of empowered and vibrant Jewish leadership.

Tradition: At Chabad, students have the ability to discover the warmth and beauty of their heritage, and learn to apply the timeless Jewish principle of Ahavat Israel, loving a fellow Jew – at their own pace.

UCLA • 612 1/2 Midvale Avenue • Los Angeles, CA 90024-2303