Price of Membership:

Five year membership is $349.00  For TOP vendors at this level of success, this fee pays for itself. We’ve tried to place the price as low as we can while still being able to fund the management and ongoing improvement of the group.

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This secures you a spot on Best of Bar Mitzvah “BBM” being that we have LIMITED AVAILABILITY. 

Setup fee is $75.00 and not refundable. Membership cannot be prorated nor refunded once your memberships starts the $75.00 set up fee is included in the membership.

Benefits of Membership:

Best of Bar Mitzvah “BBM” Members receive a significant array of benefits. This includes:

  • A dedicated member page on Best of Bar Mitzvah “BBM” directory
  • We will display your Contact Information, LOGO, link to your site, up to 30 photos and Social Media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.)
  • An account and the right to blog directly on the Best of Bar Mitzvah “BBM” blog
  • SEO benefits
  • Client leads and traffic. Direct leads and traffic from Best of Bar Mitzvah “BBM” site to your own site
  • Reviews from your clients to have you personally stand out. (You will be able to have the right whether you would like to display the review or not)
  • Multiple high quality links to your website to boost your Google ranking
  • Constant promotion of your company’s social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest).

Criteria for Selection:

  • Have to have business insurance
  • Members have to have had worked in 50 weddings, bar mitzvahs or corporate events
  • Members must be recommend or sponsored by at least two vendors and two client references. This provides evidence as to your professionalism, reputation, and experience.

How will Best of Bar Mitzvah Advertise?

  • All the synagogues
  • Google Organic Search
  • All the Jewish schools in the area
  • Chabad
  • FIDF
  • Jewish Federation


If you have any further questions about membership, please do not hesitate to contact us at (858) 699-5376 or through email at