Why hire a professional photographer by: Ron Hall Photography

Why hire a professional photographer by: Ron Hall Photography
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1. Why hire a professional photographer?
After the music ends and the guests leave the only permanent reminder of your big day will be the photos. Images are a priceless reminder of the great moments in our lives. hiring a professional photographer gives you the assurance that your memories will be as vivid and detailed as if we were living them over and over again.

2. How did you get started with your business?
My business began as a hobby and turned professional as friends and family encouraged me to adapt it into a career.

3. What inspires you in your field of expertise?
My inspiration comes from the amazing people i work with and photograph. I love it when people share ideas.

4. What is the most Challenging and rewarding part of your job?
The most challenging part of my job is constantly creating something new & original. I never want to feel like I am doing the same thing each time. The most rewarding part is the reaction of my clients when they see the final images. nothing is more powerful than creating emotions thru my art.

5. What does a typical day of work consist of?
all of my work days start with equipment preparation & inventory. in addition to my primary equipment I keep backup equipment . I go over the days itinerary & notes for the event , including preferred shots and learning the names of all the important people involved. scheduling is an essential part of maximizing my productiveness .

6. What makes you successful and stand out from the rest?
My success comes from great relationships with my clients. over the years many families I have photographed have become friends and I have kept in contact and seen them grow. What makes me stand out is my personality and how i treat my clients. I provide priceless memories and back it up with personal attention that gives each person a completely unique and memorable experience.

7. What is the most memorable event you have done?
The most memorable vent I have done was one of my first. The event was amazing, but the part that stood out was the response I got before I left . The family told me that I was the best part of the day. This was the reinforcement that I needed at an early stage in my career to grow to the point i have reached today.

8. What is the biggest accomplishment with your company?
My biggest accomplishment is building my business to the point where a large percentage of clients find me via referral . There is no bigger compliment than to have someone consider your services based on a recommendation .

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