Why hire a professional chocolate favors company? By: Sobelle Favors

Why hire a professional chocolate favors company? By: Sobelle Favors
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1. Why hire a professional?
For Chocolate favors D.I.Y is a good option in a sense that it might save you little bit of money but on other hand it takes a long time to produce the favor. Our products have such a unique taste and our embellishments are so exquisite and elegant that will be very hard to produce or duplicate. Each piece of chocolate is decorated with love and care.

2 . How did you get started with your business and what inspires you in your field of expertise?
As part of our Lebanese culture and tradition, chocolate favors is the most important part of any happy celebration. San Diego does not have a company that provides these favors. Therefore, it was just the perfect business to start; it also allowed us to preserve and share our tradition and culture. I started the business in 2006

3. What is the challenging and rewarding part about your job?
The challenging part about our job is the supplies. Every Fall I travel across to Europe and Lebanon to attend different fashion and chocolate shows to find out the new style and trends for the new season to bring it back to our clients. Since our products are custom make, we import limited amount of embellishment therefore, we need to constantly change our designs so we want duplicate the orders. The supplies overseas changes constantly as well, what we got last year are no longer available this year.
The rewarding part about our job is when I receive the “Thank You Note “ and the “AWE” factor about the amazing chocolate favor taste and designs from our clients. Our products are mainly shipped nationwide and international so we constantly get praises about the products quality from our clients around the world.

4. What doe a typical day at work consist of?
Since our 80% of our business is online, a typical day for me is replying to our clients inquires, prepare samples for special event, meeting with clients or visiting venues and vendors around town.

5. What makes you successful and stand out from the rest?
I humbling say that our products are so unique and different from any chocolatier or favor company that makes us stand out among the rest.

6. What was the memorable event that you have done?
Sobelle Favors was part of “ Make a Wish Foundation “ few years ago. The bride was diagnosed with cancer and groom stayed by her side throughout her treatment. After treatment was over, the couple decided to get married. Many vendors got together to put an amazing wedding package for the couple with 100 guests. The couples were in tears to see the amazing wedding production that was done in their owner.

7. What has been your biggest accomplishment within your company?
I am proud to announce that SoBelle Favors will be a sponsor in one of the most elegant Bridal Show in England, United Kingdom this coming October. Working with an exceptional Wedding & Events Planner/Stylist, Brachetto Weddings, opened new opportunities for Sobelle Favors to have an international presence. We are looking forward to share our achievement with you soon.

For more information about Sobelle Favors, please visit our website at www.sobellefavors.com .
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